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Your Floors renewed in Lambeth

This area of fishing village and marshland became the site of a vast pottery business during the 19th century...

Pottery tends to break while a wooden floor accepts its wear on its surface.  Yet those marks, scrapes and digs are easy to sand away to prepare for a lovely fresh finish...

In the home, office, shop, school or public building, bring your floors back to their youthful beauty with the expertise of a specialist company.


                  Choose the Lambeth Floor Repairing Experts

And see what you get!


         The experience of a family firm -

         with twenty years in the floor restoration business -

                   who’ve restored hundreds of wooden floors.


         Of every type:

from solid/engineered boards to parquet/herringbone blocks -

         and of any age and poverty of condition.


The complete restoration service for your floor:

                   repairing damaged boards and blocks

                             replacing missing areas with new or reclaimed timber

                                       gaps filled for an even look

Sanding away old paint and sealant

Staining the bare wood for a change of colour

         Fancy a fresh look?  We can advise on the best natural or coloured stains to provide the look and atmosphere you’d like in your property.



Renewed protection with natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.

All completed...

         with the highest quality floor products.


                   For a superb new surface to last and keep its looks.

Once renewed, your floor will require a degree of aftercare, depending on the type of sealant.   We’re on hand to offer this essential advice.


And... minimal disruption to your home or working schedule:

                   No mess with 99% dust free sanding.

         Your rooms cleared of furniture and carpets removed.

         Flexible working at weekends or overnight.


         So choose a friendly, reliable firm

Take the first steps towards your new floor -

                   Ask us for your FREE assessment today.

         The Lambeth Floor Refurbish Company!

Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Lambeth

         Messrs Doulton and Co. set up their first factory near Vauxhall Bridge in 1815.  Originally making industrial ware, the company revived German and Flemish stoneware later in the century.  They produced the Queen’s Ware of Wedgwood and the glazed earthenware known as Lambeth faience.


         An enlightened firm, Doulton’s supported the Lambeth School of Art from 1854, which provided many designers and painters for the firm.


         And they were proud of their staff, as a director once said: ‘Our English lads are as skilful, their thoughts as poetical, their lives as high as any other people.’

After several acquisitions, the name survives since 2015 as part of an international corporation that controls other famous historic names in the world of ceramics.


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With over 26 years of resurface knowledge, we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

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Can I have wooden flooring?


The simple answer is yes you can. But you must take measures to ensure that your wooden flooring complies with the law, local council and building regulations that concern flooring in flats. This is in terms of noise pollution and the associated acoustics of walking upon your wooden flooring for your downstairs neighbours. We strongly suggest that you use a soundproofing and thermal underlay for your new flooring.


What type of wood?


Engineered wood and solid wooden floors are both good options. Engineered wood has many benefits including its beautiful aesthetics and the fact that it is highly resistant to changes in temperature. It is also the cheaper option. Solid wooden flooring looks authentic and offers a traditional look. There are many wood types to choose from and with adequate underlay solid wood will provide just as quiet acoustics as engineered wood.

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Wooden floors in flats - what you need to consider


Wood flooring is the popular choice for many homeowners. This is because wooden flooring is hard wearing, easily cleaned and takes very little maintenance over the years. If you live in a house, then the only considerations that you have are those of your immediate family. However, if you live in a flat, and especially if you have neighbours living on the floor below you, then is wooden flooring still a good idea? If so, then what are the best wooden floor options?


Restoring wooden floors in flats


Many individuals are concerned about the noise level when it comes to wood floor sanding, and even more so when you live in a flat. Although wood floor sanding pads are an option as they are quiet, realistically, if you have a large section of floor to sand and polish, then you really need to use floor sanders provided by floor sanding specialists. These machines will get the job done quickly and create less disruption for your fellow neighbours overall. Many wood floor sanding specialists also offer a dust-free floor sanding option, which again creates less disruption.


If you are a complete novice, you should consider calling on the services of a floor sanding and polishing company to make the whole process as seamless as possible for both you and your neighbours.

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